Obsessions, obsessions

by TishaHrynt

I can’t live without:

29. The smell of books. Or magazines. I am weird that way.

28. Honey Lemon. Detoxify my life.

27. Dota. Dota. Dota.

26. Dressing up pretty on impulse. Walk around the mall of the highest class feeling like a queen for a day.

25. Deep red lipsticks. They carry an energy that spike my confidence.

24. PIZZA. Who the hell can live without pizza?

23. Medicated oils. Cramps would end me.

22. Tofu. Any kind of tofu is my comfort food.

21. High heels. I am not the tallest person on earth, heels are a necessity.

20. Weddings. I am 20 and I have the song of my march-in in my head. Down to every other details.

19. Planners. Planning every single step I make since 2008.

18. Birthdays. The only day I am entitled to in the entire year.

17. Elbows. It is a really weird fetish since I was 2. Stop judging, you guys.

16. Hair ties. To hold dem hair in place, anywhere, anytime.

15. Daisies.

14. Rings. Although I don’t always wear one.

13. Singing. In the shower. Beg your pardon’ I don’t sing in the shower, I perform.

12. Deep Royal Purple.


This gave me multiple orgasms. Period.

11. Surprise kisses and hugs.

10. Hand-written letters. Sincere, heart-felt, pen-written ones.




8. Jasmine Tea. No other tea. Jasmine.

7. Calvin Klein: Summer. As intoxicating as drugs.

6. Floral perfumes that my mom and I used to share.

5. City lights at the darkest hour. Overlooking The Fullerton Hotel.

4. Jazz and Blues. Even oldies. I love them all.

3. My iPod.

2. Reading a book. The only place I can have a perfect relationship with Noah Calhoun.

1. You.

This post is in sync to my birthday, so, take the hint guys.