An Open Letter to My Future Daughter

by TishaHrynt

Dear Princess,

Before you were born, I never knew I could love someone more than myself.

I recall your first day of school. When you waved at me before you step in a foreign building on your own for the first time. I could see your face’s forceful beaming because I know you wanted me to be by your side always. Trust me my child, that is what I desire too, to always have you guarded. However, deep inside my heart I knew that one day you will have your own wings to spread.

My daughter, you are the most precious possession, therefore, forgive me if at times I annoy you with my nags and scolds. For the sole reason to protect you, sometimes I take measures that would hurt your feelings for awhile. Believe me and trust me that I never intend to hurt you because the last thing I want is to have you hate me. I want you to know that when your heart is broken, my heart breaks too. When you slam the door after an argument and cry alone at night, I too am crying in between my prayers for you to let me in. Day after days as we get busier, I am afraid that I would not have the chance to tell you I am truly sorry for the times that I cannot be there for you.

Princess, let me share you with that the greatest feeling in this world is to love and to be loved. Don’t rush into it because you have a whole lifetime to discover. There would be boys chasing after you because let’s face it, you are gorgeous. Don’t get me wrong when i reject certain guys who enters your life. I know how much you’re worth and you deserve only the best to spend the rest of your lives with. Don’t search for love because love will find you. Be comfortable in your own skin and love yourself because only then can you love others. There would be people along the way who would attempt to bring you down, brush them away and always hold your crown because you are the daughter of the most high, the Lord Jesus Christ.

This world that you are born into, is a cruel one. A ruthless world of darkness with very little sparks of light and hope that you will seldom encounter. Keep this in mind when you go through trials of any kind, that the light at the end of the tunnel is worth it.  Many times you will feel that it is bleak out there, and to break the bad news, I will not be able to hold your hand through it all. When your wings are strong enough to carry you, it would be my turn to wave at you as I disappear into the busyness of your life. I want you to know that when that moment comes, I would be so proud to witness you grow into a fine young lady, who believes the impossible and holds beauty in what she does.

Hold this close to your heart, that I have loved you unconditionally. Despite our differences, I would always choose to put you before myself. When you feel like the whole world against you, there will always be a woman that will always choose to be on your side. Never settle for less because you are worth so much more. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes because those failures will teach the most valuable lessons. Don’t be afraid to get hurt because to ache is a part of being alive. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to be you because that is how I love you and that is how the world will love you.

With Love.