Daily Prompt: Youth

by TishaHrynt

via Daily Prompt: Youth

This is more than just a daily prompt.

Let’s touch on the recent release of the monstrous ‘Pokemon Go’. For those who are unsure about the game-play: basically, it is a game application downloaded into your smartphones. The game uses virtual reality (VR) technology to stimulate the iconic Pokemon game. Players ‘collect them all’ (referring to the characters in the game) by catching the Pokemons. They are then allowed to Battle other players to claim leadership of Pokemon Gyms and so on.

The wave first hit Australia. I admit that I anticipated its release due to the intriguing game-play. I used to play Pokemon when I was a kid and this game brings back memories to me. I was in Japan when I saw a friend posted about the game. Sure, he hacked it because he is staying in Asia, so did I. I couldn’t play it in Japan though because, obviously it wasn’t officially released yet. A week after that, news on FaceBook flooded with everything Pokemon Go.

I became disturbed by the fact that this game has easily won over the world’s attention within a night. The dreaded day came when the game got released in Singapore, where I live. Everyone around me began getting involved in it. Sometimes too involved. We don’t notice each other anymore. Our priorities change. Our relationships are jeopardised. It dawned upon me that humans have made machines that overpower themselves. Youths are not supposed to be isolated in their own little bubble of technology.

This is what the world has become. How can I trust my future into the hands of youths whose aspirations are to become Pokemon Go trainers. Who forego education, jobs and families to ‘catch them all’. It is a dire situation when a simple mobile application can so manipulatively takes over someone’s life, control it, use it and abuse it.