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Free Thoughts



Since when does the dark sky clouds over the new morning that we can’t live to see a new day?


That we circle a lethal cycle of pain and suffering, thinking this is how it should be?


Since when do races account to how much we’re worth? That we put a price on ourselves as how the world would buy.


That we label ourselves as society named us. Dont we all share the same blood somehow? Don’t we sing the same heart beat?


Since when do religions wage war against humanity? Whatever happened to love and peacekeeping.


Who told us love is free?  Love is binding in nature. Our souls, to our minds. We face each other, vulnerable. In the palm of our hands, we hold our entire world to give someone complete control.


Since when do life throws us lemons and we could make lemonade? Instead, we indulge in the ordinary, or less. Instead, we breed the sourness of life and devour it.


Who demands us to be perfect?  For the first cry of a newborn, is an imperfection. Who gave the standards of perfection? That whoever is not, is a substandard of society.


Since when does a 20 year-old gave all of the above a thought if the world isn’t a better place?


Glimpse of magic


Yes, I remember you.